Dermatology:                                                                       Nutrition:
Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology including:        

- Skin consultation and Melanoma screening                                        - Nutrition and Supplement Consultation
- Treatment of Acne and Rosacea                                                             - Pediatric Weight-loss
- Varicose Vein Treatment          - PMS/Hormonal imbalances
- Botox,Skin tightening, Restylane and other fillers                              - Digestive disorders
- Laser Hair Removal                                                                                  - Diabetic Counseling
- Hair Re-growth treatments          - Healthy Eating Seminars
- Skin Rejuvenation and Chemical Peels                                                 - Grocery consulting - "How to read nutritional
- Lippo-Dissolve for unwanted fat                                                               information on food packaging 
- Pediatric and Adult Dermatology
Acupuncture:          Yoga and Meditations Classes:
- Chronic Joint pain: Artritis, back pain, neck and shoulder               - Yoga postures (asanas)
pain and rotator cuff injury.  - Breathing exercises (pranayama)
- Chronic prostatitis and Chronic pelvic pain syndrome,                     - Relaxation exercises
overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis.                                                  - Introduction to proper diet
- Tension Headaches, sinus headaches, seasonal allergies                  - Introduction to positive thinking and meditation 
and migraines
- Custom Chinese Herbal Remedies
- Tui Na -Ancient Chinese Medical Message

Chiropractic:                                                                        Message Therapy:
- Neck Pain                   - Therapeutic Massage
- Back Pain             - Medical Massage
- Headaches           - Deep Muscle & Trigger-Point Therapy
- Disc Herniation            - Sports Massage
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome         - Prenatal Massage
- Recovering from Auto Accidents                                                          - Foot & Hand Reflexology 
- Chiropractic Wellness           - Manual Lymphatic Drainage
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